There's Got To Be A Way

7" Remix 04:53
12" Mix 08:25
Alt. Vocal Club Mix 06:45
Alt. Vocal Dub Mix 05:59 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Sample Dub Mix 07:08 - 只收录在Vinyl中

I Don't Wanna Cry

Radio Edit 04:18


7" Jackswing
12" House
12" Jackswing
House Dub 05:10 – 只收录在Vinyl中
New 12" House 06:41
New 12" Jackswing 06:57
New 7" Jackswing 04:39
New 7" Straight 04:12
New Jack Dub 04:21 – 只收录在Vinyl中
New Jack Bonus Beats 04:29 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Pianoapercapella 04:13
Pianoapercapella – New 04:17


12" Club Mix 05:54
12" Instrumental 05:10
C&C Club Mix 05:54
C&C Club No1 Mix 07:44
C&C Dub-Dub Mix 05:44
Special Motion Edit 04:46

Can't Let Go

Edit 03:52

Make It Happen

C&C Classic Mix 05:21
C&C Radio Edit 04:58
Dub Version 07:29
Extended Version 06:19
Radio Edit by Mike Corbett 04:07
Live – 收录在Open Arm单曲中,取自Fantasy: Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden


Bam Jam Soul 04:25
Club Joint Mix 04:35
Def Club Mix 10:46
Def Club Mix - Edit
Def Instrumental 06:21
Def Tribal Mix 06:41
Eclipse Dub 04:53
Live – 收录在Without You单曲中,取自Mariah Carey
Theo's Club Joint – 收录在Hero单曲中
USA Love Dub 07:12

Anytime You Need A Friend

7" Mix 06:53
All that and More Mix 10:32 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Anytime Edit 04:46
Boriqua Tribe Mix 09:03 – 只收录在Vinyl中
C&C Club Mix 10:54
C&C Dub Mix 10:08 – 只收录在Vinyl中
C&C Extended Mix 08:18 – 只在澳大利亚发行
C&C Radio Edit 04:15
Dave's Empty Pass 10:53
Ministry of Sound Mix 09:42
Soul Convention Remix 04:49
Stringapella 04:48
Video Edit 06:09

Never Forget You

Extended 05:16
Instrumental 03:35
Radio Edit 03:37

Endless Love

Instrumental 04:21
Live 05:56 – 取自Royal Albert Hall
Luther Only Version 04:22 – 只在日本发行
Mariah Only Version 04:19 – 只在日本发行

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Album Instrumental 4:01
Album Version 4:01
Mariah's New Dance Mix 2009
Mariah's New Dance Mix 2009 Edit
Mariah's New Dance Mix 2009 Edit Extended
Short Radio Edit 1:40
So So Def Remix 03:44 – 收录在Greatest Hits专辑和少数日本版本单曲中

O Holy Night

Radio Edit
Live 2000 05:01 – 收录在日本发行的All I Want for Christmas is You单曲中

Joy To The World

Celebration Mix 07:56
Celebration Mix Edit 03:24
Club Mix 07:29
Crash Dub Crash 03:43 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Flava Mix 06:57
Radio Club Mix


Bad Boy Fantasy 04:51
Bad Boy Mix 04:14
Bad Boy with O.D.B. 04:52
Def Club Mix 11:16
Def Drum Mix 03:58 – 收录在One Sweet Day单曲中
Live – 收录在Open Arm单曲中,取自Fantasy: Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden
MC Mix 06:07
Puffy's Club Mix 04:49
Puffy's Mix 04:52
Radio Mix 03:43
Sweet Dub Mix 08:13
The Boss Mix 08:52

Underneath The Stars

Drifting Re-mix 04:00
Drifting Re-mix w/o Rap 04:00

One Sweet Day

A Cappella 04:48
Chucky's Remix 04:51
Live 05:07 – 取自Fantasy: Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden
Sweet A Cappella 04:52

Always Be My Baby

Always Club Mix 10:26
Def Classic Radio Version 04:06
Dub-A-Baby 07:17
Groove A Pella 07:11
Mr. Dupri Extended Mix featuring Da Brat and Xscape 05:32
Mr. Dupri Mix featuring Da Brat and Xscape 04:42
Mr. Dupri No Rap Radio Mix featuring Xscape 03:43
Reggae Soul A Cappella featuring Lil' Vicious 04:40 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Reggae Soul Dub Mix featuring Lil' Vicious 04:52
Reggae Soul Mix featuring Lil' Vicious 04:56
St Dub 07:13


Bad Boy Remix featuring Mase & the Lox 05:32
Classic Instrumental 07:29
Classic Mix 08:04
Def Club Mix 06:17
Def Rascal Anthem 10:47 – 收录在Butterfly单曲中
Def Rascal Dub 05:16 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Mo' Honey Dub 07:22
Morales Club Dub 11:01
Morales Dub 07:34 – 只收录在澳大利亚的Butterfly单曲中
Smooth Version No Intro 04:46
Smooth Version with Intro 04:53
So So Def Mix featuring Da Brat & JD 05:11
So So Def Radio Mix featuring Da Brat & JD 03:59


Classic Bossa Nova 04:10 – 只在墨西哥发行
Meme Club Radio 04:15 – 只在巴西发行
Meme Latin Beats 06:02 -只在巴西发行
Meme's Extended Club Mix - Part 1 & 2 08:42
Meme's Instrumental Club Mix 08:43 -只在巴西发行
Meme's Radio Instrumental 04:18 -只在巴西发行
Sambatterfly 08:22 -只在巴西发行
Sambatterfly Dub 08:24 -只在巴西发行
Sambatterfly Edit 04:39 -只在巴西发行
Sambatterfly for Clubbers
TV Track 08:43 -只在巴西发行
TV Track Short 04:21 -只在巴西发行

My All

Album Version Call Out Hook #1 0:09
Album Version Call Out Hook #2 0:12
Classic Club Mix 09:13
Classic Radio Club Mix 04:22
Classic Radio Club Mix Call Out Hook #1 0:07
Classic Radio Club Mix Call Out Hook #2 0:09
Full Crew Main Mix 04:36
Full Crew Main Mix Instrumental 04:39 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Full Crew Main Mix w/o Rap 04:39 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Full Crew Radio Mix 03:57
Morales Classic Club Mix 09:13
Morales Classic Club Mix Edit
Morales Classic Instrumental 07:07
Morales Classic Radio Mix
Morales "Def" Club Mix 07:16
Morales "My" Club Mix 07:09

My All / Stay A While

So So Def Remix featuring Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz 04:46
So So Def Remix A Cappella 04:45 – 只收录在Vinyl中
So So Def Remix Instrumental 04:50 – 只收录在Vinyl中
So So Def Remix Without Rap No JD 03:46 – 只收录在Vinyl中
So So Def Remix Without Rap 03:50

The Roof

After Hours Mix
Bass Man Mix
Full Crew Club Mix 05:02
Full Crew Radio Edit / No Rap 03:55
Full Crew Radio Edit (No Rap) 03:53
Full Crew Radio Mix 05:10 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Full Crews' Club Mix 05:02
Mobb Deep Edit 04:22
Mobb Deep Extended Version 05:30
Mobb Deep Remix 05:14
Morales After Hours Mix 08:50 – 收录在My All单曲中
Morales Funky Club Mix 08:26 -收录在My All单曲中
Morales Radio Mix 03:59
Radio Edit 04:24


Radio Edit featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone 04:16
Special Radio Version 04:09
The Mo' Thugs Remix featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 04:59

Fly Away

Def 'B' Fly Mix 08:40
Fly Away Club Mix 09:50

Mi Todo

Por Una Noche Mi En Los Clubs 07:04 – 只在墨西哥发行
Por Una Noche Mi Instrumental 03:24 – 只在墨西哥发行
Version Mi Fiesta 04:29 – 只在墨西哥发行
Version Por Una Noche Mas 03:24 – 只在墨西哥发行


A Cappella 04:21
Call Out Hook #1 0:16
Call Out Hook #2 0:06
Dirty with Intro 04:44 – 收录在JD的专辑Life in 1472中
Instrumental 04:14
Lil Jon Remix 04:28
M!'s Beats & Bounces Mix 07:25 – 只收录在Vinyl中
M!'s Pounding Dub 09:50 – 只收录在Vinyl中
M!'s Pounding Vocal 09:27 – 只收录在Vinyl中
M!'s More Bounce to the Ounce Vocal 08:41 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Radio Edit 04:23
The Dance 06:20
The Story 03:47
The Story Instrumental 03:45
W/o Rap 04:03

When You Believe

Instrumental 04:30
TV Track 04:32
Video Version with Intro 05:04 – 收录在原声Prince of Egypt中

I Still Believe

Album Version Call Out Hook #1 0:16
Album Version Call Out Hook #2 0:07
Morales' Classic Club Mix 09:05
Morales' Classic Club Mix Edit 03:53
Morales' Classic Club Mix - UK Edit 06:59
Stevie J. Clean (Edit) Remix featuring Mocha & Amil 05:05
Stevie J. Remix A Cappella featuring Mocha & Amil 04:47 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Stevie J. Remix featuring Mocha & Amil 05:06
Stevie J. Remix Instrumental 04:57 – 只收录在Vinyl中
The Eve of Souls Mix 10:55
The Eve of Souls Mix - UK Edit 08:51
The Kings Mix 08:06
The Kings Mix Instrumental 08:04

I Still Believe / Pure Imagination

Damizza Reemix A Cappella featuring Krayzie Bone & Da Brat 04:31
Damizza Reemix Edit featuring Krayzie Bone & Da Brat
Damizza Reemix Edit featuring Krayzie Bone without Da Brat 04:07 – 收录在Krayzie Bone的专辑Thug Mentality 1999中
Damizza Reemix featuring Krayzie Bone & Da Brat 04:33
Damizza Reemix Instrumental 04:22 – 只收录在Vinyl中

Do You Know Where You are Going to (Theme from 'Mahogany')

Mahogany Club Mix 03:10 - 只在巴西发行
Mahogany Club Extended 05:09 - 只在巴西发行
Mahogany for Clubbers Dub 07:21 - 只在巴西发行
Mariah Bonita 03:16 - 只在巴西发行
Mariah Bonita Club 05:02 - 只在巴西发行
Mariah Bonita Club Edit 03:16 - 只在巴西发行


No Rap Version 03:21
On-Air Teaser
Pop Version
Radio Edit 04:13
Remix featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliott & DJ Clue 04:37

Heartbreaker / If You Should Ever be Lonely

Junior's Club Dub 10:12
Junior's Club Mix 10:13
Junior's Hard Mix 10:19
Junior's Hard Dub 09:28 – 只收录在Vinyl中

Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)

Morales Club Mix 07:39
Morales Club Mix Edit 04:00
Morales Instrumental 07:39
Morales Revival Triumphant Mix 10:28
Radio Edit 04:06

Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

Pound Boys Deep Dub 08:01 – 只收录在Vinyl和巴西版本中
Pound Boys Dub 06:57
Pound Boys Main Mix 08:56
Pound Boys Radio Edit 03:29

Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (with Westlife)

Backing Track 03:16 – 仅在巴西发行
Featuring Westlife 03:24
Single Edit (featuring Westlife) 03:17 – 和Featuring Westlife有稍微的不同
Instrumental 03:20
Mariah Only Version 03:20
Westlife Only Version 03:20


Radio Edit 04:35

Thank God I Found You

Celebratory Mix featuring Joe & 98 Degrees 04:17
StarGate Radio Edit featuring Joe & 98 Degrees 05:47

Thank God I Found You / Make It Last

Remix Edit featuring Joe & Nas 04:12
Remix Edit w/o Rap featuring Joe 04:11
Remix featuring Joe & Nas 05:09
Remix Instrumental 05:07
Remix w/o Rap featuring Joe 05:09


Crossover Call Out Hook #2 0:13
David Morales Club of Love Mix 09:07
David Morales Club of Love Radio Edit 03:43
David Morales Drums of Love Mix 06:36
Dreamy Club of Love Radio Edit 04:13
Dub Love Remix 08:16
Hip Hop Call Out Hook #1 (#3) 0:12
Instrumental Mix 03:41 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Instrumental Remix 04:39 – 只收录在Vinyl中
MJ Cole Instrumental 05:52
MJ Cole London Dub Mix 06:03
MJ Cole Main Mix Radio Edit
MJ Cole Radio Edit 04:15
MJ Cole Remix 05:56
Pop Call Out Hook #3 (#1) 0:15
Remix featuring Da Brat, Ludacris 04:32

Don't Stop

Call Out Hook 0:14
Instrumental 03:32
Radio Edit 03:38



Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Radio Edit 04:16 – 只收录在韩国发行的Reflections EP中
French Radio Edit 03:43 – 只收录在Vinyl中

Never Too Far

Call Out Hook 0:13
Radio Edit 03:56

Through The Rain

Boris & Michi's Club Mix 07:09
Boris & Michi's Radio Mix 04:03
Boris & Michi's Through the Dub Mix 05:53
Call Out Hook 0:12
Full Intention Club Mix 09:18
Full Intention Dub Mix 07:15
Full Intention Radio Edit 03:59
Hex Hector / Mac Quayle Club Mix
Hex Hector / Mac Quayle Radio Edit 04:11
Hex Hector Club Mix
Hex Hector Radio Mix
Hex Hector Radio Vocal Mix 04:19
Maurice Joshua Club Mix 08:09
Maurice Joshua Dub 06:02
Maurice Joshua Radio Edit 04:19
Maurice Joshua Remix 04:16
Radio Edit 04:19
Radio ID 0:10
Remix featuring Kelly Price & Joe 03:32
Remix Instrumental
Through the Dub

Boy (I Need You)

4*4 Vocal Mix 06:30 – 只收录在Vinyl中
4*4 Instrumental 05:47 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Call Out Hook 0:12
Copenhaniacs Remix 04:36
Dutti Boy Remix 05:15 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Dutti Boy Instrumental 05:15 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Instrumental 05:02 – 收录在MC... Move the Crowd单曲中
Just Blaze Remix Street Edit
Panjabi Hit Squad Mix 04:14
Radio A Cappella featuring Cam'ron 03:58 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Radio Edit 04:02
Radio Edit Instrumental 04:02
Radio Edit without Rap 03:12
Remix by the Duke & MVP from Disco Montego 04:04 – 只在澳大利亚发行
Remix Call Out Hook 0:12
Street Remix 05:31
Street Remix A Cappella 05:32 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Street Remix Instrumental 05:31
Street Remix Radio Edit featuring Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Jimmy Jones & Freeway 03:59
Topnotch L8 Mix 04:11
Topnotch Mix
Topnotch Tox Mix 04:15
Topnotch Toy Remix

The One

Call Out Hook 0:17
Instrumental 04:08
Radio Edit 04:09
Radio Edit w/o Rap 04:09
Richard Morel’s Pink Noise Mix 08:18 – 歌迷俱乐部独家
So So Def Mix featuring JD & Bone Crusher 04:41 – 收录在Charmbracelet Tour Edition中
Wildlife Radio Mix 04:29
Wildlife Club Mix 10:02
Wildlife Dub 09:30

You Got Me

Instrumental 04:12 – 收录在MC... Move the Crowd中
Edited Version 04:15 – 收录在Freeway的专辑Philadelphia Freeway Edited 版本中
Unedited Version 05:12 – 收录在Freeway的专辑Philadelphia Freeway中


Edit 04:29 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Instrumental 04:57 – 只收录在Vinyl中
No Rap Version 04:06 – 只收录在Vinyl中
Pop Version

Bringin' On The Heartbreak

Call Out Hook 0:14
Global Soul A Cappella 04:09
Global Soul Club Mix 08:31 – 歌迷俱乐部独家
Global Soul Dub 07:29
Global Soul Mix Show 07:38
Global Soul Radio Edit 04:23
Junior Vasquez Club Mix 07:11
Junior Vasquez Extended Mix 09:45
Junior Vasquez Radio Edit 03:54
Live 04:49 – 收录在Through the Rain单曲中,取自Mexican Telethon
Mainstream AC Version 04:12
Mainstream Edit
Mainstream Version 04:14
RJ - Janman Mix 04:10
Ruanne Emmenes Vocal Capture Mix 08:45
Ruanne's Roasted Coffee Dub 06:11

Miss You

Instrumental 04:16 – 只收录在Vinyl中

I Know What You Want

A Cappella
Call Out Hook
Radio Mix
Street Mix

Got A Thing For You

Da Brat & Mariah Carey featuring Elephant Man 05:21 – 收录在Charmbracelet Tour Edition中
Da Brat & Mariah Carey without Elephant Man 05:02 – 收录在Da Brat的专辑中
Da Brat & Mariah Carey without Elephant Man Clean 05:02 – 收录在Da Brat的专辑Edit版本中
Remix 04:44 – 收录在Miss You的Vinyl中

It's Like That

Call Out
David Morales Classic Mix
David Morales Club Mix
David Morales Radio Mix
Morales Classic Mix
Morales Club Mix
Morales Radio Mix
No Fatman Scoop
No Rap
Remix featuring Fat Joe
Stereo Dub
Stereo Experience
Stereo Experience Dub
Stereo Experience Mix

We Belong Together

Atlantic Soul Instrumental
Atlantic Soul Radio Edit
Atlantic Soul Vocal
Atlantic Soul Vocal Mix
Call Out #1
Call Out #2
Main Version
Original Radio Edit
Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Club Mix
Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Radio Mix
Reconstruction Club Mix
Reconstruction Radio Mix
Remix featuring Jadakiss & Styles P

Shake It Off

Call Out
Radio Edit
Remix featuring Jay-Z & Young Jeezy
Remix featuring Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - Call Out
Remix featuring Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - Instrumental
Remix featuring Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - Radio

Say Somethin'

Call Out
Morales Radio Edit
Morales Stereo Anthem Mix 9:45
Morales Stereo Dub
Radio Edit
So So Def Remix featuring Dem Franchize Boyz Instrumental
So So Def Remix featuring Dem Franchize Boyz Main
So So Def Remix featuring Dem Franchize Boyz Radio

Don't Forget About Us

Desert Storm Remix featuring Fabolous & Styles P
JD Remix featuring Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & Juelz Santana
Quentin Harris Re-Production Shelter Anthem Mix
Quentin Shelter Anthem Mix 12:29
Quentin Shelter Anthem Mix - Radio Edit 4:39
Radio Edit
Ralphi & Craig Martini Vocal 7:41
Ralphi & Craig Martini Vocal - Radio Edit 3:38
Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Anthomic Vocal 9:50
Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Anthomic Vocal Edit
Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Martini At Xo Vocal
Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Martini At Xo Vocal Edit
Ralphi Rosario & Jody Anthomic Dub 11:43
Tony & Warren's Percussion Dub 9:41
Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Dance Floor Anthem - Radio Edit 4:16
Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Dance Floor Anthem 9:32

Fly Like A Bird

A Cappella 3:54
Instrumental 3:54
Main 3:54

So Lonely

Radio Version

Touch My Body

Craig C Club Mix
Craig C Dub
Craig C Radio Edit
Love Hate Remix
Main Version
Intro Version
Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Remix
Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Dub
Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit
Seamus Haji Club Mix
Seamus Haji Radio Edit
Subkulcha Radio Edit
Subkulcha Remix
Tricky Remix
Tricky Remix Instrumental

Bye Bye

Radio Edit
Remix featuring Akon & Lil Wayne
Remix featuring Jay Z

I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time

Intro Version
Radio Edit
Remix featuring LL Cool J
Remix featuring LL Cool J & Ghostface Killah
Remix featuring Shade Sheist
Remix featuring T.I.

I Stay In Love

Radio Edit
Ralphi Rosario BIG Vocal
Ralphi Rosario Melodic Radio Eit
Ralphi's Bar Dub Mix
Jody den Broeder Club Mix
Jody den Broeder Dub
Jody den Broeder House Dub
Jody den Broeder House Mix
Jody den Broeder Radio Edit

Side Effect

Remix featuring Busta Rhymes


Cahill's Club Remix 6:23
Cahill's Dub Mix 5:35
Cahill's Radio Edit 3:20
Cajjmere Wray's Club Mix Vocals Up
Cajjmere Wray's Club Mix Vocals Down
Cajjmere Wray's Dub Mix
Friscia & Lamboy Radio Edit 4:11
Friscia & Lamboy Piano Dub 9:49
Friscia & Lamboy Club Mix 9:34
Instrumental Mix 4:10
Jump Smokers Radio Edit
Jump Smokers Remix 3:18
Remix featuring Gucci Mane 4:27
Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Edit 3:12
Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Dub 6:44
Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Mix 6:44
SuperClean Mix 4:04

I Want To Know What Love Is

Chew Fu Club Mix
Chew Fu Radio Mix
Chriss Ortega Club Edit
Chriss Ortega Club Mix
Cutmore's Club Shakedown
Cutmore's Radio Shakedown
Donnie Hotwheel Tempo Mix
Low Sunday Tempo Mix)
Moto Blanco Club Edit
Moto Blanco Club Mix
Moto Blanco Dub
Nu Addiction Club Edit
Nu Addiction Club Mix
Nu Addiction Dub


Jump Smokers Remix
Radio Edit
Remix featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Big Boi Main
Remix featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Big Boi Instrumental
So So Def Remix featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Big Boi, Gucci Mane

Candy Bling

I Remember Remix

Up Out My Face

Remix featuring Nicki Minaj
Remix featuring Nicki Minaj Instrumental
Remix featuring Nicki Minaj Radio Edit

Angels Cry

Remix featuring Ne-Yo
Remix featuring Ne-Yo Instrumental

Oh Santa!

AC Radio Edit 3:41
Instrumental 3:33
Jump Smokers Club 4:10
Jump Smokers Instrumental 3:54
Jump Smokers Radio 3:55
Low Sunday Club 6:18
Low Sunday Instrumental 6:18
Low Sunday Radio 4:11
Radio 3:33

When Christmas Comes

Remix feat. John Legend Main 4:46
Remix feat. John Legend Radio Edit 4:17

Auld Lang Syne (The New Year's Anthem)

Johnny Vicious Warehouse Dub
Johnny Vicious Warehouse Mix
Johnny Vicious Warehouse (No Vocal Intro) Mix
Johnny Vicious Warehouse Radio
Ralphi's Alternative Club Mix
Ralphi's Alternative Mixshow Edit
Ralphi Rosario Traditional Club Mix
Rosario Traditional Mixshow
Rosario Traditional Radio Edit

Triumphant (Get 'Em)

Danny Verde Dub 7:20
Danny Verde Radio Edit 3:46
Danny Verde Remix 8:13
Edited 4:10
Explicit 4:10
Iberican League Club Mix 7:02
Iberican League Instrumental 7:03
Iberican League Club Mix 7:02
Laidback Luke Club Vox Remix 5:15
Laidback Luke Dub 5:00
Laidback Luke Radio Edit 2:54
Pulse Club Instrumental 5:24
Pulse Club Mix 5:28
Pulse Club Radio Edit 4:12
Vintage Throwback Extended 5:22
Vintage Throwback Mix 4:53
Vintage Throwback Radio 3:54


Explicit Version 3:23
Louie Vega Eol Remix 2:59
Remix feat. Miguel & A$AP Rocky 3:21
Remix feat. Miguel & Young Jeezy 3:21
Sidney Samson Remix 6:21
Spanglish Version - #Hermosa 3:22


Clean 3:26
Instrumental 3:21
Main 3:26
No Rap - Clean 3:26
No Rap - Main 3:26
Remix Feat. Rich Homie Quan Clean 3:00
Remix Feat. Rich Homie Quan Main 3:00

You're Mine (Eternal)

Chus and Ceballos Main Mix 7:01
Chus and Ceballos Radio Edit 4:21
Fedde Le Grand Main Mix 5:40
Fedde Le Grand Radio Mix 3:16
Gregor Salto and Funkin Matt Instrumental Dub 4:03
Gregor Salto and Funkin Matt Main Mix 4:34
Gregor Salto and Funkin Matt Radio Mix 3:39
Instrumental 3:46
Jermaine Dupri x Kurd Maverick Remix Edit 3:27
Jermaine Dupri x Kurd Maverick Remix Extended 5:23
Jump Smokers Extended 4:06
Jump Smokers Instrumental 3:34
Jump Smokers Remix Radio 3:34
Radio 3:42
Remix feat. Trey Songz 4:16

You Don't Know What To Do

Instrumental 4:20
Radio Edit 4:20
Rap-less Edit 3:27

You Don't Know What To Do

Clean 4:46
Clean Intro Edit 4:08
Instrumental 4:46
Long Intro Edit 4:20
Main 4:46
Radio Edit 4:20
Radio Edit - Instrumental 4:20
Rap-less 4:46
Rap-less Edit 3:47
Short Intro Edit 4:05


Instrumental 3:39
UAC Radio Edit 3:39


Instrumental 3:59
Main 3:59

Money ($ * / ...)

Radio Edit Feat. Hit-Boy 4:08
No Rap Edit 3:36
Instrumental 4:08
Radio Edit Feat. Hit-Boy & Fabolous 4:30
No Rap Edit 3:45
Instrumental 4:30

Heavenly (No Ways Tired / Can't Give Up Now)

Instrumental 4:20
Radio Edit 4:26
Radio Edit W/Intro 4:29


Instrumental 4:00
Main 4:00
Radio Disney Version 4:00