1. Trey Lorenz - Trey Lorenz
Track01. Someone to Hold [作词]
Track05. Always in Love [作词]
Track07. It Only Hurts When It's Love [制作]

2. Penny Ford - Penny Ford
Track06. I Lose Control [作词]

3. Daryl Hall - Soul Alone
Track07. Help Me Find a Way to Your Heart [作词]

4. Between the Sheets
CD 1 Track09. Just to be Close to You [制作]
CD 2 Track04. Someone to Hold [制作]

5. Allure - Allure
Track04. Head Over Heels [作词]
Track06. All Cried Out [制作]
Track13. Last Chance [作词]

6. 7 Mile - 7 Mile
Track05. After [作词]

7. Jermaine Dupri - 12 Soulful Nights Christmas
Track12. Trey Lorenz - My Younger Days [制作]
Track09. Trey Lorenz - My Younger Days [制作]

8. Merry Christmas from Vienna
Placido Domingo/Ying Huang/Michael Bolton [编曲]

9. MIB - Men in Black: the Album
Track07. Trey Lorenz - Make You Happy [作词,和声]

10. Blaque - Blaque
Track10. Don't Go Looking for Love [作词]

11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas OST
Track14. Faith Hill - Where are You Christmas? [作词]

12. Essential KenLou House Mixes [制作]

13. Wow Gospel 2006
Track 26. Paul Robbins - I'll Pray [作词、制作]