Daydream Tour

Daydream Tour

1996年3月7日开始,Mariah开始了其个人职业生涯真正的全球巡回演唱会,Daydream Tour。

Daydream的成功发行,让Mariah开始真正走向世界。1996年三月和七月,分别在日本和欧洲的Daydream Tour让Mariah向世界歌唱。在日本的演唱会,Mariah取得了空前的成功。甚至演唱会的录音和实况被盗版商们发行。演唱会翻唱了The SOS Band的经典曲目,Just be Good to Me。

演唱会在日本、英国发行了Tour Book。


  • 01. Daydream (Intro)
  • 02. Emotions
  • 03. Open Arms
  • 04. Forever
  • 05. I Don't Wanna Cry
  • 06. Fantasy
  • 07. Always be My Baby
  • 08. One Sweet Day
  • 09. Underneath the Stars
  • 10. Without You
  • 11. Make It Happen
  • 12. Just be Good to Me
  • 13. Dreamlover
  • 14. Vision of Love
  • 15. Hero
  • 16. Anytime You Need a Friend
  • 17. All I Want for Christmas is You [日本]



Hoffman Entertainment, Inc.
Randy S. Hoffman - Manager

Walter Afanasieff - Musical Director


Walter Afanasieff - Piano/Organ
Randy Jackson - Bass
Vernon Black - Guitar
Dan Shea - Keyboards
Gregory "Gigi" Gonoway - Drums
Peter Michael - Percussion
The Background Divas
Cindy Mizelle - Vocals
Deborah Cooper - Vocals
Kelly Price - Vocals
Melonie Daniels - Vocals

The Dancers

Emilio "Stretch" Austin, Jr.
James "Loose Joints" Brown
Chris "Bobcat" Latimer
Henry "Link" McMillan
Ejoe "Twelve" Wilson
Terry Wright
Chris Sawyer
Raymond "Voodoo Ray" Ultarte


Diane Martel - Staging
Emilio "Stretch" Austin, Jr. - Additional Choreography
James "Loose Joints" Brown

Alan Branton - Lighting Designer
George Travis - Tour Director
Chris Apostle - Chief Tour Manager
Chris Chappel - Tour Manager
Louise McNally - Executive Image Consultant/ Hoffman Entertainment
Katy Dreghorn - M.C. Personal Assistant
Adele Fass - Make-Up for Mariah Carey
Syd Curry - Hair Stylist for Mariah Carey
Inge Fonteyne - Stylist for Mariah Carey
Kelly Delponti - Stylist Assistant
Michelle Amori - M.C. Special Services
Tonjua Twist - Stylist
Tony Ball - Security
Cara Kleinhaut - Tour Manager's Assistant
Barbara Stout - Assistant to Walter A.

Record Company

Sony Records

Legal Representation

Grubman, Indursky, Schindler & Goldstein, Alan Grubman, Paul Schindler, David Toraya

Business Management

Executive Monetary Management


Sony Signatures
Dell Furano

Tourbook Photography

Steven Meisel, Daniella Federici, Kevin Mazur, Joann Toy, Ken Reagan

Tourbook Design

Martin Heirakuji Design, San Francisco


City Graphics, Inc., San Francisco
Michael John


Bob Thrasher - Production Manager
Arthur Russo - Stage Manager
Sean Fox - Carpenter
Sean Magovern - Rock It Cargo/Carpenter
Vinnie Polifronne - Rigger Carpenter
Lyle Centola - Rigger
David Rule - Crew Chief
Mike Burns - Keyboard Tech
Todd Confessore - Drum/Percussion Tech
Michael McKnight - Midi Keyboard Director
Dana Jon Chappelle - Recording Engineer
Dana Jaeger - Ambiance/Dressing Room Coordinator


Mike Goodwin - Lighting Coordinator


Joey Chardukian - Varilite Tech
Harry Seigmeister - Varilite Programmer
Tom Beck - Audience Lighting
Callahan - Varilite Tech


Maryland Sound, Inc.
Randy Seigmeister - MSI Sound Engineer
Seth Goldman - MSI Monitor Engineer
Mototsugu Yamasaki - MSI Tech


Larry Jordan - Film Director
Billy Steinberg - Video Engineer
Carol Dodds - Video Screen Director
Michael Caron - Jumbotron Tech
Kraig Boyd - Video Engineer
Shane Zinke - Video Engineer
Simon Carus Wilson - Icon Tech


Hoffman Travel
Sherry Eiden


Perri Entertainment
Toni Perri

Set Design

DMD Design
Duke Durfee
Eric Linton

Set Construction

E.C.T.S. Scenic Technologies
Orestes Mihaly
Ron Horner

Mariah Special Thanks

To God
To Tommy Mottola for everything
To Al Smith for all of your hard work and support
To everyone who worked on the tour
To my fans
Thank you so much for all of your support
Lots of Love,


March 07, 1996 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Japan
March 10, 1996 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Japan
March 14, 1996 Tokyo Dome [Tokyo, Japan] Japan
July 14, 1996 Festhalle [Frankfurt, Germany] Europe
July 17, 1996 Ahoy Stadium [Rotterdam, Holland] Europe
July 20, 1996 Omnisport [Paris, France] Europe
July 23, 1996 Wembley Stadium [London, England] Europe