Wise Girls

Wise Girls


导演: David Anspaugh
编剧: John Meadows
制作: Anthony Esposito, Bill Blum, Billy Blake, Jack Sojka
制作公司: Leading Lion Entertainment
发行: Lions Gate Films
上映时间: 2002年12月6日


评级: R
时长: 96分钟
类型: 犯罪 剧情 惊怵
国家: 美国 | 英国 | 加拿大
语言: 英语 | 意大利语
颜色: 彩色
音效: Dolby
分级: 美国:R (certificate #38620) | 澳大利亚: M | 芬兰:K-15 | 冰岛:16 | 加拿大:14A | 德国:16 | 新加坡: PG (cut) | 菲律宾:R-18 | 意大利: T | 英国:15 (video premiere)


Mariah Carey - Raychel
Mira Sorvino - Meg Kennedy
Melora Walters - Kate
Arthur Nascarella - Mr. Santalino
Joseph Siravo - Gio Esposito
Christian Maelen - Frankie Santalino


一家档次不菲且看似令人尊敬的餐厅的三位女招待某一日却突然发现她们的老板实际上是黑手党的故事,Carey及另两位女招待(将分别由奥斯卡大奖得主Mira Sorvino及影坛新人Melora Walters饰演)因而也不可避免地卷入了某些非法活动。


Taryn - Make It Go Away
Anika Paris - Chocolate & Wine
Lara DeBenedictis - Never Say Goodbye
Amy Cook - 200 Meadows
Richie Kotzen - Slow
Marti Byrd - Like A Man
Marti Byrd - Me For You
Shush - State Of Confusion
Eugene Cibelli - Il Cuore D'Tu (This Heart Of Yours)
Eugene Cibelli - Cara Picina (Dear Little One)
Eugene Cibelli - Femina (Woman)
Eugene Cibelli - Come Bella D'Stagione Di Sante (Beauty Of Summer)

Wise Girls

DVD编号:ST# 8074D

DVD special features:
16×9 Widescreen
Scene Access
Interactive Menus
Dolby Digital
English & Spanish Subtitles


At Santolino's Restaurant, there's something even scarier than undercooked scampi on the menu... murder! Raychel (Mariah Carey), Meg (Academy Award - winner* Mira Sorvino) and Kate (Melora Walters) are three waitresses who forge an unbreakable friendship when they find themselves involved in organized crime. Through back room deals at the "family-run" Italian restaurant, the women discover that survival is going to depend on much more than just service with a smile!

MOB Thriller, Color, 96 Minutes

Lions Gate Films Leading Pictures and Intermedia Films presents
An Anthony Esposito/Lions Gate Entertainment production
In Association with Champion Entertainment Essential Films and RGH/Lions Share Pictures, Mira Sorvino, Mariah Carey, Melora Walters, "Wise Girls", Arthur Nascarella, Saul Stein, Joseph Siravo, Christian Maelen, Anthony Alessandro
production Design: Linda Burton
Casting by: Sig de Miguel, Mackey-Sandrich Casting
Co-Executive Producer: Dick Hansen
Music Supervisor: Richie Zito
Music Composed by Keith Forsey
Co-Producers: Peter Block, Guy Stodel, Jean Fox
Edited by: Christopher Cibelli
Director of Photography: Johnny Jensen ASC
Executive Producers: Jere Hausfater, Gena Scriva Esposito, Jessica Russell, Dail Poniewaz
Written by: John Meadows
Executive Producer: Richard Brams
Produced by: Anthony Esposito
Produced by: Jack Sojka, Bill Blum, Billy Blake
Directed by: David Anspaugh


Wise Girls Wise Girls

Wise Girls

*1995, Best Supporting Actress, "Mighty Aphrodite"