导演: Vondie Curtis Hall
编剧: Kate Lanier, Mariah Carey
场景编剧: John Meadows
剧本: Cheryl L. West
编辑: Jeff Freeman
制作: Laurence Mark, Mariah Carey
合作制作: E. Bennett Walsh
制作公司: 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Glitter Productions, Laurence Mark Productions
发行: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
上映时间: 2001年9月21日


评级: PG-13
时长: 104分钟
类型: 剧情 音乐 爱情
国家: 美国
语言: 英语
颜色: 彩色
音效: SDDS (8 channels) | DTS | Dolby Digital
分级: 韩国:15 | 加拿大: G (魁北克) | 加拿大: PG (阿尔贝塔/英哥伦比亚/等) | 马来西亚: U | 美国:PG-13 (certificate #37746) | 阿根廷: Atp | 澳大利亚: M | Finland:K-11 | 法国: U | 德国:6 | 荷兰: AL | 挪威:11 | 西班牙: T | 瑞典:7 | 英国:PG | 新加坡 : PG


Mariah Carey - Billie Frank
Max Beesley - Julian Dice
Da Brat - Louise
Tia Texada - Roxanne
Valerie Pettiford - Lillian Frank
Terrence Howard - Timothy Walker
Dorian Harewood - Guy Richardson
Padma Lakshmi - Sylk
Isabel Gomes - Young Billie
Eric Benét - Rafael
Ann Magnuson - Kelly
Grant Nickalls - Jack Bridges


比莉·福兰克(Mariah Carey)诞生在美国纽约一个贫困家庭,父亲和母亲都弃她而去。她的少年时代是在动荡不安中度过的,但是,比莉非常喜欢音乐,并梦想着自己能成为伟大的音乐家。

长大后,比莉和两个好朋友组织了一个少女演唱组和在纽约的歌厅唱歌,偶然的机会,知名电台DJ朱利安·戴斯(Max Beesley)发掘了她,在他的力捧下,比莉红透了半边天,真的成了一个大明星。比莉和戴斯也坠入了情网。



Mariah Carey - Lillie's Blue (Can't Turn You Loose)
Mariah Carey - Twister
Lime - Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight
Blondie - Heart Of Glass
Whodini - Freaks Come Out at Night
Mariah Carey - If We
Mariah Carey - All My Life
"D" Train - You're the One for Me
Mariah Carey - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
The Strikers - Body Music
Zapp - Dance Floor
Tom Browne - Funkin' For Jamaica
L.D.S. - Fireworks
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
Mariah Carey - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax
The System - You Are In My System
Art of Noise - Moments In Love
Howard Johnson - So Fine
Mariah Carey - Lead The Way
Mariah Carey - Loverboy
Luther Vandross - Never Too Much
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis - The Flow
Padma Lakshmi, Maria Montoreano & Trey Lorenz - I Know
Max Beesley - Jam Session
Mariah Carey - Reflections (Care Enough)
The SOS Band - Tell Me If You Still Care
Eric Benét - We Could Have Been
Stevie Wonder - All I Do
Mariah Carey and Eric Benét - Want You
Mariah Carey - Never Too Far
Mariah Carey featuring Busta Rhymes and Fabulous - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life



DVD special features:
Digitally Mastered Audio & Anamorphic Video
Widescreen And Full Screen Presentations
Audio: English 5.1 (Dolby digital) French
Subtitles: English, French
Two Music Videos from Mariah Carey
Director's Commentary
Theatrical Trailers
Interactive Menus
Scene Selections



"Glitter fits Mariah Carey like one of her skin-tight gowns" - Kevin Thomas, LA Times

Billie Frank is a talented young singer struggling to make it big in New York City. With plenty of will and determination, a voice like an angel, and the help of a handsome nightclub DJ, she will quickly learn that the roller coaster ride to success is as treacherous as it is glamorous.

Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey stars in this powerful and unforgettable story about an incredibly gifted young singer who finds that the road to her dreams leads straight to her heart. Also starring Max Beesley and Ann Magnuson, and featuring sensational performances from music superstar Eric Benét and Da Brat.

Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox present
A Maroon Entertainment production in association with Laurence Mark Productions, Mariah Carey, "Glitter", Max Beesley, Terrence Howard
Co-producer: E. Bennett Walsh
Costume Designer: Joseph G. Aulisi
Executive Music Producer: Mariah Carey
Music Supervisor: Robin Urdang
Score Composed by: Terence Blanchard
Additional Music by: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Big Jim Wright
File Editor: Jeff Freeman, A.C.E.
Production Designer: Dan Bishop
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Simpson, A.C.S.
Story by: Cheryl L. West
Screenplay by: Kate Lanier
Produced by: Laurence Mark
Directed by: Vondie Curtis Hall
©2001 Twentieth Century Fox


Glitter Glitter


Glitter Glitter

Glitter Glitter