Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey因为MTV Unplugged的成功,NBC决定录制一个特别节目。在公布节目形式的时候,确实让大多数人都为之惊讶,没有人想到会是一场小型演唱会。而这个在剧院所举行的小型演唱会也成为Mariah在Music Box Tour前的一个演习。

这个在Legendary Proctor's Theatre in Upstate New York的演唱会最终被发行,成为Mariah的第三张Home Video。取名为Mariah Carey。也被称作Here is Mariah Carey



Home Video曲目:

  • 1. Emotions
  • 2. Hero
  • 3. Someday
  • 4. Without You
  • 5. Make It Happen
  • 6. Dreamlover
  • 7. Love Takes Time
  • 8. Anytime You Need a Friend
  • 9. Vision of Love
  • 10. I’ll be There (additional behind-the-scene footage) (Bonus Video)
  • 11. Dreamlover (Music Video)

Mariah Carey

DVD编号:82876 89536 9



Mariah Carey, filmed at the legendary Proctor's Theatre in Upstate New York, captures Mariah's immense range as a singer, and now as a performer. Features unforgettable renditions of her numerous #1 hit singles, including "Vision Of Love," "Emotions," "I'll Be There," "Dreamlover" and more.

Mariah Carey was originally broadcast as Mariah's Thanksgiving NBC Special. This special home video package includes additional behind-the-scenes footage and a bonus music video of the #1 single "Dreamlover."

Director: Lawrence Jordan
Executive Producer: Mariah Carey
Producers: Randy Hoffman for Horizon Entertainment and Al Smith for Sony Music

Music Director: Walter Afanasieff

A Production of Sony Music and Maroon Entertainment

Total Running Time: Approx. 60 mins.

Photography: Kevin Mazur


Mariah Carey Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey