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(M. Carey/H. Hersh/Snoop Doggy Dogg/T. Lorenz/T. Gatlin/G. Griffin/A. Hall III/T. Riley) - Sony/ATV Songs (BMI)/WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Howie Hersh (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (BMI)/Smitty's Son Music/H Bomb H/Sony/ATV Songs LLC (ASCAP)/Zomba Enterprises Inc./Donril Music admin. by Zomba Enterprises Inc. (ASCAP)/Cal-Gene Music/EMI Virgin Songs Inc. (BMI)/Cal-Rock Music/EMI Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP). All rights on behalf of Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Rye Songs and Smitty's Son Music administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Produced by Damizza (for Baby Ree Reecordin 42) and Mariah Carey
Music Mixed by Michael Scheshingen at Record Plant Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Vocals and Final Mix by Dana Jon Chappelle at Quad Recording (NYC)
Engineer: Dana Jon Chappelle
Music Engineer: Asburn Bernie Miller
MIDI Editing: Brian Nolen
Assistant Engineers: Pete Karem (Right Track Recording), Alessandor R.A. Benedetti, Manuel Forolfi (Capri Digital Studios), Jeff Burns (Record One)
Recorded at Capri Digital Studios (Capri, Italy), Right Track Recording (NYC), Record One (Los Angeles, CA)
Lead Vocals: Mariah Carey
Background Vocals: Mariah Carey, Nicki Rechards
Music: Damizza, Howie Hersh
Moog Synth: Ronnie King

Contains replay of "Piece Of My Love" (T. Gatlin, G. Griffin, A. Hall III, T. Riley), published by Zomba Enterprises, Inc. (ASCAP)/Cal Gene Music/EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI)/EMI Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP). All Right Reserved. Used by Permission.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME
Taken from the Columbia release Rainbow (63800)

Snoop Dogg appears courtesy of No Limit/Priority Records


Crybaby Crybaby Crybaby Crybaby Crybaby


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