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美国:3x Platinum


这是一张充满了Hip-Hop风味的作品。Mariah邀请了许多好友参加该专辑的制作。也是第一张不再和老搭档Walter合作的专辑。参与制作的艺人包括Jay Z, Diane Warren, Terry Lewis, James Wright, Trey Lorenz和Snoop Doggy Dogg。而Usher, Joe和98 Degrees等歌手则在专辑中献声。

专辑中产生了两支冠军曲"Heartbreaker"和"Thank God I Found You",而和Westlife合作的"Against All Odds"则在英国成为冠军。




  • 15. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (featuring Westlife)
  • 16. Love Hangover / Heartbreaker (live)

曲目15收录于某些国家再发行的专辑或单曲中,也收录在Greatest Hits专辑中。

曲目16收录在"Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)"单曲中。



"Against All Odds"没有在美国发行单曲,只在日本和欧洲发行了单曲(第一排图),和Westlife重新录制的单曲也仅在日本和欧洲发行(第二排图),单曲为双封面。
Against All Odds
Against All Odds Against All Odds



专辑编号:CK 63800


In a perfect world
Human being would co-exist
harmoniously, like a rainbow
A multitude of colors
Each layer vibrant and clear by itself
But in unison...
Boundless, Breathtaking, Celestial...


This album chronicles my emotional rollercoaster ride of the past year.
If you listen closely, there's a story here with a very happy ending.
After every storm - if you look hard enough - a rainbow appears

98 Degrees appears courtesy of Motown Records
Da Brat appears courtesy of So So Def Recordings/Columbia
DJ Clue appears courtesy of Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC and The Island Def Jam Music Group
Jermaine Dupri appears courtesy of So So Def Recordings/Columbia
David Foster courtesy of Chartmaker, Inc.
Jay-Z appears courtesy of Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC and The Island Def Jam Music Group
Joe appears courtesy of Jive Records
Master P appears courtesy of No Limit/Priority Records
Missy Elliott appears courtesy of The Gold Mind Inc./Elektra Records
Mystikal appears courtesy of No Limit/Priority Records
Nicki Richards appears courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
Snoop Dogg appears courtesy of No Limit/Priority Records
Usher appears courtesy of LaFace Records
James "Big Jim" Wright appears courtesy of Flyte Tyme Records, Inc.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering (Portland, ME), except "Heartbreaker," "How Much," and "Heartbreaker (Remix)" Mastered by Herb Powers, Jr. at Powers House Of Sound (NYC)

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Management by Maroon Entertainment

Art Direction: Chris Austopchuk
Design: Ian Cuttler
Photography: David LaChappelle

Thank you Lord for carrying me through desperation. You are the light that shines brightly within me and carries my spirit through every storm.

I love you Mom, Shawn (OB), Mike (Ratboy my only Ratboy) and Morgan ("A.B.M.F.")
Jack aka Mutley P. Gore I
Louie M. - ¡Gracias a Dios que te encontre!
Weezy McNally - Thanks for sacrificing so much for me. my beloved partner in an ongoing quest to find the metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.
Theresa aka Re-Re - My most cherished and loyal cheerleader
Mike Richardson - Thanks for your hard work and dedication - "might as well if ya got a little extra"
Arlete - You are my angel
Damash - Mutley P. Gore III, HIHIHIHI! love - mvalvinbye!
Donnie & My Columbia Records family - Thanks for all your support and for always being there for me. luv ya all! (love to Michelle, Jason & Garrett)
Sony Music Worldwide - Mr. Idei, Howard Stringer, Thomas Mottola - Thanks for continuing to have an outstanding company. I appreciate your guidance and support.
Sheila - My Aries sister and beautiful teacher Kate L. - (they went to McDonald's)
Thanks Darrell (Pac) haha! And all y'all that risk your lives for me on a daily basis
David LaChappelle
Amy N. - Thanks and sorry I make your life hell at times!
Scott K. and Randy S. - Thanks for all your special care!!
Diane (Tia Blankita) Love ya always!
Bren Rattner - My Aries brother
Trey Lorenz, Nicki Richards, Mary Ann Tatum and Melanie Daniels. Thanks for the support!!
Must've been ... was!!!!
Randy Jackson
Tray Wop - Thanks for lots a fun and many a spiral!
Rolo - Yo!
Tracy C. and let's not forget Raven
Cindi Berger
Don Passman
Ron Nash
To all those collaborators/friends who made it happen for me on this album:
The ever present, ever faithful, Dana Chappelle, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - This is an amazing start to our new friendship!
Jermaine Dupri
D.J. Clue and Duro
Woooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It's nothin'!
She'kspere and Kandi
David Foster
Diane Warren
(Ghetto D.)
Master P
Craig B.
To all the guest stars - Thanks for lending me your talents
Brat - a true friend always
Missy Elliott
98 Degrees
The beauty team - Tonjua, Roque, Chris, Brigitte, L'Wren and Deborah - Thanks for everything
Michelle Amori
Sanaa Hamri
Daniel Pearl
Tom Kloss
Bob Gantz
Love to Jenny Morgenthau, Sue Newhouse, the Fresh Air Fund, and all the kids at Camp Mariah!!
Erik B.
Feen Deen - Love ya!
Nick DeJesu - I'm in two tone haven Billy B.
Clarissa - Still thankin' ya!
John Sykes
Elli Cola - Thank you
MTV, VH1 and BET thanks!!!
Radio and Retail - Thanks for all your help!!
S.M. and M.M. - I miss you!!
Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, The Clark Sisters, and all those who continue to inspire us and grace the world with their talent.
To all my fans:
You keep me going no matter what... I will never overlook your importance in my life ...
To anyone I've forgotten: I appreciate ya... I enjoy ya! And I love ya... I ain't been to sleep in two weeks ... It ain't my fault!!!
R.I.P Claddo



Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow

Rainbow Rainbow