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美国:5x Platinum

为了感谢歌迷多年来的支持,在My All成为Mariah的第13支冠军曲后,Mariah在1998年发行了她的冠军合辑,#1's。在专辑榜取得第4名成绩,销量为5白金。在美国,专辑销量为5,200,000张。

专辑中还收录了Mariah新录制的一些作品,包括她与长期搭档,当红制作人Jermaine Dupri (JD) 所合作的第一支98全新单曲"Sweetheart"。与Whitney Houston双天后首度破天荒合作,为史帝芬史匹柏的"梦工厂"首部动画电影Prince Of Egypt真情对唱的主题曲"When You Believe"(最好成绩第15名)。以及Mariah重唱为她开启乐坛奇迹之门的密友Brenda K. Starr 的1988年#13名曲"I Still Believe"。





  • 18. Without You
  • 19. Do You Know Where You are Going to (Theme from 'Mahogany')
  • 20. All I Want for Christmas is You





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First of all- THIS IS NOT A GREATEST HITS ALBUM! It's too soon, I haven't been recording long enough for that! This album is a "Thank You" album acknowledgment of my gratitude to all of you out there for making these records # 1 on the charts.

One day, I will put out a greatest hits with songs that didn't even go on the charts. Because they were never commercially released (i.e., "Breakdown," "Underneath The Stars," "Butterfly," etc.) Or songs that came out that didn't go to #1 that are, in my opinion, better than some that did (i.e., "Make It Happen," "Anytime You Need A Friend," "Endless Love" with Luther, or "Can't Let Go").

This is a tribute to my fans for all your love and support since day one.

I chose the bonus tracks for various reasons-"Sweetheart"-because I ain't got one! Try that one on! Ha ha-"When You Believe (from The Prince Of Egypt)"- because to me, it almost is a miracle that Whitney and I are on a record together! After meeting and working with Whitney Houston, I have gained a whole other layer of respect for this truly talented woman in so many ways. "Whenever You Call" with Brian McKnight-I feel that it was one of the best songs on the Butterfly album and Brian's vocals made it so beautiful. "I Still Believe" reminds me of the fact that not so long ago I was a teenage girl with nothing to my name but a demo tape. My voice and my ability to write songs. Brenda K. Starr treated me like a "Star" and gave me a shot as a back-up singer. This remake is my tribute to her.

Thank you to everyone who's ever helped me out in any way. Shape or form.
Encouragement. Support. Dedication and friendship.
You know who you are (especially you, Mom).

Thank you God for my life and the faith in you that has brought me this far.

Love and thanks. Mariah

Dion Allen appears courtesy of LaFace Records
Babyface appears courtesy of Epic Records
Boyz II Men appear courtesy of Motown Record Co., L.P., a PolyGram Company
Jermaine Dupri appears courtesy of So So Def/Columbia Records
Nathan East appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Kevon Edmonds appears courtesy of RCA Records
Joy Enriquez appears courtesy of LaFace Records
Daryl Hawes appears courtesy of LaFace Records
Whitney Houston appears courtesy of Arista Records
Lisa Ivey appears courtesy of LaFace Records
Nathan Ivey appears courtesy of LaFace Records
Tavia Ivey appears courtesy of LaFace Records
Mark Kibble appears courtesy of Reprise Records
Brian McKnight appears courtesy of Motown Record Co., L.P., a PolyGram Company
O.B.D. appears courtesy of Elektra Records
Shanice Wilson appears courtesy of LaFace Records
J. Valentine appears courtesy of Elektra Records

Assistant to Walter Afanasieff: Barbara Stout

Album Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME

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New York, NY 10018

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Art Direction: Chris Austopchuk
Design: Alice Butts
Front Cover Photo: Wayne Maser
Cat Photo and Inside Photos: Laurence Galud
Concept for Back of Package: © 1998 BPI Communications Inc.
Used By Permission from Billboard.

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美国版#1's SACD,内页和CD版一模一样,仅封底和碟片不同。CD外有纸盒包装。





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