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美国:10x Platinum

短短几年,Mariah就发行了三张白金专辑,产生了六支冠军单曲。不得不让人佩服。而1993年发行的Music Box,更是将Mariah的音乐事业推向了一个新的顶峰。关于专辑定名时,Mariah说:“来自音乐盒美妙的金属击打声非常动听,于是定了下来,我很喜欢。”

专辑销量达到了前所未有的10白金,首周在专辑榜位居第二,随后更是连续8周冠军。同时也取得了R&B/Hip-Hop专辑榜冠军成绩。专辑在英国专辑榜也取得了冠军头衔。专辑中产生了两支冠军曲"Dreamlover"和"Hero"。而"Without You"也成为Mariah在英国的首支冠军曲。

Endless Love

1994年9月Mariah与Luther Vandross在英国亚伯厅所举行的演唱会中露脸,两人合唱了"Endless Love"一曲。10月该单曲成为英国榜冠军曲,在美国则取得了第2名的成绩(1994年9月30日)。Endless Love

1994年9月,Luther Vandross发行了和Mariah合作的"Endless Love"。该曲目收录在他的专辑Songs中。Endless Love曾经是Diana Ross和Lionel Richie在1981年的经典合唱曲目,当年销量达到两百万张。Mariah和Luther的版本是由Walter Afanasieff制作,也是他促成了这次合作。

"Endless Love"是Mariah的第一支官方合作曲目。Luther Vandross是在很认真的听了Mariah和Trey Lorenz合作的曲目后,才邀请Mariah参与他的专辑的。两人的声音得到了完美的体现。



  • 11. Do You Think Of Me
  • 12. Everything Fades Away
  • 13. Heroe (En Castellano)
  • 14. Endless Love


曲目14收录于Luther的专辑中,后来收录在Mariah的专辑Greatest Hits中。



Music Box

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Dear Lord: As always, I Thank you so much for blessing me with the ability to realize my dreams.

Tommy Mottola: You're my best friend in the whole world. There's not enough room on this page to even begin to thank you for everything you've done for me. So I'll just soy thank you for making my life so beautiful in every way and I love you always.

Randy Hoffman/Horizon Entertainment: Thank you for being here for me way above end beyond the call of duty! You're the best!

Don Ienner: Thanks so much for all your belief and support since the beginning. You've been on enormous help to me and I really appreciate everything! (P.S: I had a great time this year with you, Michelle, Jason & Garrett!)

Extra special thanks to my entire Columbia family. You're the greatest!

To my Mom: Once again, thank you for teaching me to believe in myself and to believe that this could be o reality for me. I love you.

Morgan: Thanks again for believing in me since I was a little girl and for ell your help - Love, M.

To Alison, Mikey & Shown: I love you guys!!!

Walter Afanasieff: I've learned so much working with you. You're truly a genius. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Dana Jon Chappelle: Thanks for dealing with me through o whole year of drama! You're my favorite engineer in the whale world - and not such a bad person either!

To Ren (The Hen) & Gory (Gnu): Thanks for all your hard work.

David Cole: Hey D.C., I always hove a great time working with you because you're so crazy and talented! Thanks!
Love, Mayrye

Robert Clivilles: Thanks so much for all your help!

Dave Hall: See, even though it's "happy" - it's still okay! Thanks!

Kenny Edmonds: I had a great time writing together - let's do it again!

Corey Rooney: Thanks for all your help! You're really talented and l had a lot of fun working & gossiping with you.

Trey & Patrique: Hey Do Do's! I love you guys even though you fool! Yeah ha! I think you're so wonderful (I do).
P.S: Where are our hats? Oh yeah, and by the way, no!!!

Price Sisters and Melonie: You are definitely three of the best singers in the world! Thanks for everything - and anotherrrrr!!!

Cindy Mizelle: Hey Cynt! Thanks for all your help!

Brenda: Once again, thanks for all your help way back when. You're a great person.

Nancy West/Right Track: Thanks!

Jim Caruana: Even though you were never in the room, thanks!

Karen Rizzo: Thanks for all your long hours and not so hard work! Helliew! You're lucky you're such a riot.

Ann "The Energizer" Glew: Thank you so much. I couldn't have done so many things without you and I love you a lot!!

Nick: What would you rather do - this is so 12th yet 11th - living in a cartoon!

Feen Dean Ludwig: Thanks for being such a great friend. I love you!

Columbo: That's good Jen!! Fend for yourself!

Clarissa: Thanks again for all your help!

Diane Martel - Tante: You've really helped me so much in so many ways. Thanks for being here for me!

Billy B.: You better work the make-up sweetie! Ha ha! We've been through a lot together. Thanks for everything!

Sid Curry: You better whip up those hair dos! Thanks!

Last, but definitely not least, thank you so much to all my fans! I couldn't do this without you - and I'm so grateful for all your support.

Lots of love, Mariah Carey


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