Playlist: The Very Best Of Mariah Carey


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整张专辑全部由再生材料制作,CD内收录了一份PDF文档,记录每首歌的基本信息、图片和其他相关信息。和之前发行的精选集不同,Playlist收录的更多是Mariah自己的选择,这也意味着更多的非单曲曲目被收录进来,包括Daydream专辑中的"Underneath The Stars",甚至还有Butterfly专辑中的"Outside"。


Sony唱片也不是简单的将原专辑版本添加至此精选集,所有的歌曲都是用母带重新制作完成,使得每首歌曲更为完整。其中"Looking In"更是以Mariah哼唱的方式进入,和专辑版本不同。而其他在原专辑中有叠加的曲目部分,这次也都单独的录制了出来。The Collection

The Collection

2011年2月7日,英国发行了一张名为The Collection的精选集。实际上这张合辑就是美国版Playlist: The Very Best Of Mariah Carey的更名再版发行,曲目没有任何变更。


  • 1. Dreamlover
  • 2. Bliss
  • 3. Melt Away
  • 4. Breakdown (featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone)
  • 5. Make It Happen
  • 6. Outside
  • 7. Vanishing
  • 8. Looking In
  • 9. Emotions
  • 10. Babydoll
  • 11. I Am Free
  • 12. Fantasy (Bad Boy Remix featuring O.D.B.)
  • 13. Underneath The Stars
  • 14. Rainbow (Interlude)


Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey

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Fans and critics worldwide agreed that there was an inescapable sense of a torch being passed when the self-titled debut album Mariah Carey was released in 1990. It couldn't have been more obvious that Carey, the co-writer, co-arranger and co-producer of her own album, did true honor to a tradition encompassing such magnificent voices and cultural icons as Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, and Whitney Houston.

But, breaking conventional wisdom formed over decades, she turned on its head the established R&B/pop diva career model, with its perceived inevitable pull toward poppier ballads as a sign of true mainstream arrival. Instead, Mariah Carey ran with that torch directly toward the leading edge of music.

As soon as she established herself as the new name of the year and the undisputed leading voice of the new decade, collecting the 1990 Best New Artist Grammy®, Carey set about to bring production collaborators from the dance and hip-hop underground into her orbit: these included such radical young genre leaders as Robert Clivillés and David Cole (C+C Music Factory), Jermaine Dupri, Dave Hall, Manuel Seal, Sean Combs, Stevie J. and David Morales. She also called on the hottest new names in hip-hop for step-out guest vocals in her singles, remixes and videos, including Jay-Z, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Da Brat, Ludacris, and Missy Elliott.

In the same year that the transformative hip-hop figure Mary J. Blige broke ground in the urban market by using the raw breakbeat of "Top Billin'" as the basis of the vocal track "Real Love," Carey chose an equally hard-core hip-hop signifier, the much-sampled rhythm loop from the Emotions' "Blind Alley," to craft the eight-week No. 1 pop hit "Dreamlover."

Thereafter, Carey whimsically proclaimed herself "queen of loops" in a television interview, noting that you had to know some pretty obscure records to stump her. She selected dance and rap classics that were undoubtedly playing in the clubs where she sang back-up for Brenda K. Starr (the Tina Turner-like popdance songstress who provided Mariah's fateful introduction to a label executive) as the rhythm beds for several of her No. 1 hits, combining them with her own newly-composed song material, and proving them to be the crossover hits they should have been in their time: Stacy Lattisaw's "Attack Of The Name Game" in "Heartbreaker," "Hey DJ" by World's Famous Supreme Team in "Honey," and Tom Tom Club's "Genius Of Love" in "Fantasy."

At the same time, Carey's ballads blazed a similar path out of the middle of the road, starting with the mind-bendingly raw, bereft (and perhaps even angry) confessional "Vanishing" on her first album, and alternating romantic and gospel-based anthems in the traditional R&B vein of Minnie Riperton and Deniece Williams with the new, sparse but penetrating urban style of slow-jam balladry, in the company of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and contemporary ballad master Walter Afanasieff.

Carey's willingness to push the envelope did nothing to undercut her mass appeal or her longevity. In 2008, she tied Elvis Presley by scoring her 18th No. 1 pop record, and at the late-2009 release of her twelfth studio album, she was in striking distance of surpassing the Beatles' all-time rock-era record of 20 No. 1 songs. Combining extraordinary musical gifts with an enthusiast's encyclopedic grasp of her musical heritage, Mariah Carey must be counted as a leader and innovator, who directed mainstream music towards the street and club-based underground of hiphop, through the many considered musical choices she made once she was secure as the leading pop singer in the world. - Brian Chin

Executive Producer: Mariah Carey
Compilation Produced by Al Quaglieri
Mastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios, New York

Project Direction: Tim Anderson
Art Direction and Design by Rob Carter

Thanks to: Steve Berkowitz, Adam Block, Michael Block, Gretchen Brennison, Mandy Eidgah, Howard Fritzson, Jeremy Holiday, John Pinder, Harry Safter, and Jeffrey Schulberg

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Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey

Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey


Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey
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Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey

Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey